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Ministry Outline


Reach One Teach One believes God’s order never changes of how He established man in the book of Genesis. Some things have been taken out of context and have conformed to the world’s standards.

Reach One Teach One is governed and led by the Holy Spirit. The Lord simply said you do as I show you in my Word and when people ask questions then we can give them our reasons based on His Word.

What We Offer:

  • Acknowledgment through discernment ordination to develop those with ministry gifting (Ultimately it is Jesus who ordains we are simply in the physical recognizing it)


  • Establishment of leadership and ministries


  • On-site assistance for ministry development (i.e. Technology, Praise Team, Intercessory Prayer, Dance Ministry, etc.)


  • National and international conferences for teachings conveying Biblical truths and revelation


Reach One Teach One is biblical, relational, and led by the Holy Spirit. We are rending the gifts God has given to assist and co-labor in one’s ministry.

Reach One Reach One is not offering or requesting any legal authority over your ministry. This continues to be held by your local leadership and church ministry.

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