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Reach One Teach One believes God’s order never changes on how He established man in the book of Genesis. Somethings have been taken out of context and has been conformed to the world’s standards.

AT Reach One Teach One, we are governed and led by the Holy Spirit. The Lord simply said you do as I show you in my Word. When people ask questions then we can give them our reasons based on His Word.

What We Offer:

  • Acknowledgment through discernment and ordination to develop those with ministry gifting

    • (Ultimately it is Jesus who ordains. We simply help physically recognizing said gifts)


  • Mentorship of Leaders who desire to be assisted in growing personally and in ministry.


  • Establishment of leadership and ministries


  • Leadership Development


  • Financial empowerment through seminars and mentoring through the acquisition of land, property, and buildings.


  • On-site assistance for ministry development (i.e. Technology, Praise Team, Intercessory Prayer, Dance Ministry, etc.)


  • National and international conferences for Teachings, conveying Biblical Truths and Revelation.


  • Online access to Biblical Study Topics, Lectures, Teachings, that are privy only to ministry partners.


  • Ministry support once historically proven that your ministry has the ability to sustain themselves. (We are not here to financially sustain you).


  • Monthly contact via social media platforms, i.e. WhatsApp or other local means of communication here in the USA.


Reach One Teach One is biblical, relational, and led by the Holy Spirit. We are rending the gifts God has given to assist and co-labor in one’s ministry.

Reach One Teach One is not offering or requesting any legal authority over your ministry. This continues to be held by your local leadership and church ministry.



Dr. Dwayne C. Perry has been in ministry for 26 years and is covered under Apostle Jerry D. Owens and also is mentored by Apostle Mark Jones! He has experience in starting churches, building acquisitions, church new construction, private schools, Community Development Center, seminary schools, developing leaders internationally and even for-profit businesses. You will be given one on one attention through his staff and with Apostle Perry through our monthly meetings. Take this opportunity to join this powerful network for Kingdom Advancement.


To execute the Covering of Reach One Teach One, Complete application with a colored passport size picture attached. 

Yearly membership fee of $100 US


Cost for accommodations will need to be paid by the desiring ministry or leaders. There is a ministry fee sheet upon request.

Reach One Teach One believes you should honor leaders who intercede for the ministry; who has been given the responsibility of encouraging and guiding others in the ministry. Overwhelm them with appreciation and love. Get along among yourselves, each of you doing your part.

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