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What is your purpose? Unfortunately, many don’t have an answer to this question. Without purpose, our lives can seem meaningless. Purpose fuels your passion. I will help you identify and gain clarity in what it is that you are called to do. Once that has been identified, clear and concise goals to achieve that purpose can be outlined.

Mind Your Purpose Dr. Dwayne C. Perry

Services Offered

Hello, I am glad you are on my page searching for help in how we can work together and get you where you desire to be in your life and career. Together, we will set and achieve short term and long term goals. I am a certified LIFE COACH ready to help you reach and attain your goals. I played 13 years of professional basketball in Europe, I have my Doctorate Degree in Education and A Doctorate Degree in Ministry. I am the Founder and Developer of an 8-year-old church ministry, Founder of a Private School, Founder of a Community Development Center for at-risk youth, and Founder of my personal ministry! Below you will find a list of some areas that I specialize in.



Financial Management                                    

Time Management

Social Development

Communication Skills


Choice Management


Work Performance


Health & Wellness

  •  (Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual)

Effective Leadership

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